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Within our management fee, or at minimal cost, MPM will undertake lease negotiations on behalf of the owner with potential tenants or existing tenants who wish to renew. We provide lease proposals or amendments to lease to our potential tenants.  In most cases, we are able to negotiate a lease to a point of agreement between the owner and tenant, without involving attorneys. This obviously provides a tremendous savings to our clients.  Other than legal issues that need to be addressed by an attorney, MPM provides a special service to our clients, from the showing of space, to the signing of the lease.

We are not brokers.  This serves as a tremendous advantage to the owners of the buildings we manage.  How?  Simply this: because we are not brokers. Brokers prefer to show the property we manage, knowing they will be paid a whole fee and not have to share it. This typically means thousands of extra dollars in commissions.  The results are simple, the properties we manage enjoy the highest occupancy rates in the area.



Security at our properties has become one of the most important services we provide our clients. At MPM, we provide 24-hour security service at each property we manage.  At some of our larger accounts, we provide full-time security guard service in conjunction with computerized card access systems and video monitoring, providing our tenants with a safe and secure working environment.  Through control of the elevators, we are able to provide access to employees and visitors only to the floors where they work or are visiting.  In some smaller buildings where full-time security is not economically feasible, we provide monitored security systems through our vendors. In all cases, whether manned or unmanned, we can, through our programmed codes, determine who has entered and/or left the premises after normal building hours.

Subsequent to the events of September 11, 2001, MPM has worked with law enforcement and security consultants to develop even higher security standards than were previously in place for its client base.



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