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Our staff of highly trained technicians routinely handles building operations and maintenance. As noted previously, all of our technicians perform their duties based on a team approach.  Each is trained to operate the systems of all the buildings we manage.  They typically rotate from one property to another on a regular basis to insure their expertise in each building. By so doing, we operate with less permanent staff in individual buildings, which proves to be very efficient, and cost effective for each property. This is clear advantage for the MPM client base. A significant advantage of this approach is our ability to respond to emergencies in any building with all of our technicians knowing that they can handle most issues that arise. 

Another area most important to MPM is preventative maintenance.  Our technicians perform all routine preventative maintenance on most of the systems in each building.  These include but are not limited to, quarterly filter changing in all HVAC system components, the maintenance of our water treatment systems, cooling towers, heating systems, etc.  Although we perform most duties in-house, there are certain areas where highly trained personnel are brought in as subcontractors.  In all cases, our staff oversees the work and maintenance being performed by these contractors. Some of these areas include elevator maintenance, sophisticated chiller repair and preventative maintenance, fire alarm and sprinkler systems, computerized HVAC control systems, etc.  You can clearly see why the approach taken by MPM as it pertains to building operations and maintenance is so highly regarded by its clients.



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