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In addition to the many property management and construction services MPM performs, we also provide Project Management for Owners who have entered into a construction contract directly with a Contractor.  There are several areas of construction project management available to our clients.  The following sections list the various categories of services MPM can provide.  Typically, project management services include the following:

An Initial Project Analysis which includes the review of the construction documents, loan documents, schedule and project budgets.  In order to provide a detailed report MPM must have access to all construction drawings and specifications; site assessment reports both environmental and geotechnical, a detailed scheduled of values of all costs during both development and construction phases and detailed schedules of both phases.  With this information MPM can provide the owner with an accurate assessment for each portion of the contract and make recommendations accordingly based on this analysis pursuant to cost implications and any potential impact on the schedule.

During the construction phase MPM will attend all job meetings and spend between four to eight hours each week inspecting and reviewing all facets of the construction including submittals by the contractor.  MPM will review both weekly and monthly all costs against the budget and maintain a close watch on the construction schedule pursuant to the progress to date as well as the planned construction going forward.  MPM will review all change order requests and make the necessary recommendations to the owner and architect, review all applications for payment, insure all lien releases are received and keep a file of such.  Based on the costs of construction each month, the owner’s soft costs and other charges, MPM will submit to the Lender a Draw Request for funds necessary to pay all approved costs, both hard and soft, for the previous month.  Prior to submitting the Draw Request, MPM will visit the site for an inspection to insure all work has been completed as stated and is satisfactory.  MPM will meet with the Owner, at a minimum monthly, to keep the Owner up-to-date on the progress of the project, schedule changes as well as the actual costs against the budget.  Typically this meeting takes place on site so all parties can inspect the site and the progress and quality of the construction.   MPM will also take digital photos of the project on a weekly basis and provide the owner with a complete CD of these at the end of the project.   


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